About us

Ultimate innovative health care solutions provider

Khalid Scientific Co. was established in 1979 with the passionate desire to adequately provide medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical solutions together with services of the highest quality. Together with our co-founders — leading healthcare providers, medical and laboratory equipment/consumables manufacturers, and clients — KSC provides our valuable customers with the ultimate innovative solutions and a wide range of medical products safely and cost-effectively.

KSC is a diversified company housing seven distinct divisions under its sales and operations (Laboratory, Imaging, Medical Equipment, Cardiology, Consumables, Healthcare Facilities, and Service) where each has its own specific field and scope, and at the same time, function as a team to make better care possible for patients by properly providing turnkey solutions to healthcare providers across the country.


As a leader of innovation, we aspire to

  • Be a respected medical supplier in the country.
  • Act as a valued associate that moves forward with Qatar’s healthcare industry.
  • Promote new ideas and translate these to reality.
  • Enhance the quality of life of the country’s citizens and residents.
  • Encourage competitiveness in the healthcare sector.
  • Promote sustainability within the health system.


While embracing the challenging healthcare environment and with the best patient care always in mind, we seek to

  • Identify and explore all emerging opportunities.
  • Attain the highest quality of our products.
  • Ensure the good character of our employees.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with our valued customers, channel partners and colleagues.
  • Strengthen our position as a market leader and as a financially viable company through innovation and continuous improvement.


Respect & Trust

With our company’s reputation founded on respect and trust, all our interactions demonstrate our respect for others.

Work Ethics & Personal Responsibility

Every staff plays a vital role in our company’s success and in our patients’ positive experience. Our responsibility is also reflected in our successful interactions with our customers and colleagues.

Honesty & Integrity

These qualities, which form the essence of our company, are seen in all our work, both as individuals, and collectively.

Compassion & Gratitude

While caring for the needs of our customers, colleagues and employees; we continuously seek to strengthen and enhance our relationships.


The company’s agility is demonstrated in our timely responses, our capacity for rapid change, and our flexibility within a dynamic and competitive environment.

Cooperation & Collaboration

As a community that also serves a community, our work is based on cooperation and collaboration.

Continuous Improvement

We pursue perfection for the benefit of our customers, our company and employees.