Electrosurgery is the most frequent surgical procedure performed in the OR. Nearly every operating room in the world has a high-frequency surgical device which is used in all surgical fields, in hospitals and at the offices of private practice physicians alike. Users have numerous electrosurgical instruments available to them – for open surgery, laparoscopic procedures and flexible endoscopic procedures.

VIO® 3

  • Logical, convenient and visual operator guidance (stepGUIDE)
  • Reliable, reproducible tissue effects thanks to state-of-the-art processor technology
  • ReMode: up to 6 different settings selectable from the sterile field
  • Sockets: easy replacement, connection recommendations, slot assignment, up to 6 instruments freely selectable

IES 3 Smoke evacuation unit

  • Protection through ULPA-15 filter
  • Good response, quiet operation
  • Extended range of applications
  • Flexible activation


  • Argon plasma coagulation with the operating convenience of the logical and plausible VIO 3 interface
  • Plug and operate, insert the instrument to immediately begin working with the APC application
  • pulsedAPC and forcedAPC finely adjustable with 100-step effect setting
  • preciseAPC, the new mode for the lower power range and sensitive structures